Reiki is an ancient healing technique from Japan. ‘Rei’ means “Universal Life” and ‘ki’ means “Energy”. This life force energy flows through everything and all of us.
During a Reiki treatment the practitioner channels the life force energy and gives the client the healing what she needs. This can be physical and/or mental healing.
A Reiki session can help with losing tension, clear blocks and it reduces stress levels in the mind and body.

The session is really relaxing and a wonderful experience to heal the clients energy field. People can feel temperature changes in the body, tingling in the fingers and/or feet or other physical movements. It also can give messages through spirit guides or even show different Chakra colors. This can be shown to the practitioner but also to the client.
All above doesn’t have to happen, the treatment can also just be a stress reducer and relaxation healing. Overall the treatment will give the client all beneficial effects on body, mind, spirit and emotions. It can do no harm to anyone.
Reiki is not a cure for disease or illness, but it will improve the healing in the energy field.


My name is Joëlle and i'm a singer. I love to serve the crowd with love and passion and I even write my own songs where I inspire people to love themselves and go after their dreams.
Besides singing I love to take care of my own health and the health of others. The first moment I got in touch with Reiki was through my parents. They are both Reiki Masters for many years and helped a lot of people with Reiki treatments as well. For many years I had problems with migraine but whenever my dad gave me a Reiki session it always stopped. I know Reiki works and I love the healing and loving energy of it.
When I was 18 years old, my parents told me to go to our 'White Witch' Antonia in the Hague, to get my first Reiki degree. We always call her the 'White Witch' because she is! She sees and feels things, reads hand palms, puts cards, does Reiki initiations and more! And besides all of that, she is an amazing human being.
In 2017 I got my Master of Reiki 3-A and since 2018 I am offering Reiki treatments on Ibiza, the Netherlands and beyond. I had amazing sessions with people and I'm really grateful to give them the loving and healing energy of Reiki.

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